Monday, 17 September 2012


As a professional photographer, shooting many of the Indian and Asian weddings every year in all kinds of places, from Waldorf and Gibson Hall Clay Oven and even village halls! Indian wedding photographer to shoot in a reportage style.
I love the variety that goes with this style of photography, shooting in the background and the bride and groom to go ahead with their big day, knowing that I am taking care of the wedding photos.
I aim to produce a beautiful set of photographs that show the joy and love from the wedding, stress and frustration, tears and laughter.
The style of photography is especially suitable for Indian weddings, as it shows all the color and glamor and, especially, the thrill that comes with such an important day to share with family and friends.
I like to find beautiful locations near to the wedding venue to take the Indian Bride and Groom off during their day and photograph just the two of them together in a relaxed and informal setting.
As your photographer to design and produce beautiful handmade album in Australia and Italy in contemporary and traditional styles for the Indian bride and the groom and his family are left with a great set of wedding images day Indian as emotional. Photographer for your wedding day India must understand the different ceremonies take place during the Indian wedding, and as a professional photographer, has covered a lot of Indian weddings, I have photography experience.


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