Friday, 7 September 2012


As Indian weddings differ from state to state or caste to caste, Indian wedding photography needs to be more versatile and extremely ingenious.
Patience, adaptability and creativity are the basic requirements in an Indian wedding photography
A good wedding photojournalist is one who knows how to adapt to the different rites and rituals of an Indian wedding by giving extraordinarily delightful shots. It can be one tough job to locate a perfect wedding photographer who can adjust to your needs and give you his/her 100%. Try looking out for a good photojournalist beforehand and do not fall prey to the ones with over decorative websites or services. These types of photojournalists might specialize in a certain type of marriages and might not be suitable for Indian weddings. Indian weddings can be very lively and glamorous, but can suck every ounce of your energy, leaving you tired and bogged down.
Your wedding photographer should be brimming with energy because he/she needs to be actively participating in capturing the rituals for four to eight days of your wedding. It is necessary for you to appoint a coordinator to assist your photographer, as your wedding photojournalist might not know which guest needs to be clicked amongst the thousands of guests. An Indian wedding usually bonds a relationship between families, more than just the bride and the groom. Hence every guest holds prominence during the wedding ceremony and cannot be skipped by your wedding photographer.
Working towards capturing a mind blowing photo shoot through Indian wedding photography
A little bit of prior explanation by the coordinator can prepare your wedding photojournalist for the impending ritual. In this manner he/she would be able to capture the best moments of the day with ease. This can give full satisfaction to the photojournalist as well as you and all the other people who might take a look at your fairy tale wedding through your enchanting wedding album. Rituals like mehendi, haldi or sangeet might require your photojournalist to display never ending patience because these rituals involve not only the bride or groom, but the entire family and friend circle of the to be wed.

Therefore, your photojournalist is required to understand the ritual before he or she tries to capture the entire occasion on camera. In some Indian weddings, the lunch or dinner too holds a lot of importance because the bride is required to serve the food with her own hand to the guests. Your photographer needs to be told which guest needs to be shot while serving and which not.
Indian wedding photography can be very colourful and exciting if captured by the right wedding photojournalist.


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