Friday, 7 September 2012


Finding the right photographer can help your wedding look wonderful. Spending some time doing your research on how to find the best wedding photographer for your wedding, below these images are 7 tips on how to find the photographer for your wedding.
Wedding Photography In Delhi & NCR

 1. The best place to start is to ask close friends or relatives about their experience with wedding photographers. They most likely have encountered good and bad photographer experiences. Hopefully with their sound advice, you will be able to contact a few highly professional photographers that have been recommended.

 2. Research is a must – use search engines such as yahoo and Google while conducting your search. You will most likely come across customer reviews relating to the company. Read them carefully as some people are dissatisfied with the service they received. The wonderful element is that some of these are generated from third party sites like Yellow pages and other highly regarded local business sites on the internet.

 3. Look at their website – it may not be a true indication to establish if they are any good however a Wedding Photographer’s website has many beautiful images on display and can enable you to determine what type of style the photographer is engaged in. Make sure you compile a list outlining the unfavorable and favorable photographers to contact. Try and narrow the list down to say 2 or 3 photographers that you want to contact.

4. Politely request to see their portfolio – this will aide you in determining what style they specialize in. It’s a fantastic idea to check their prior work to get a better understanding of their personality and approach.
 5. Flexibility is everything – a photographer main priority is to be able to listen to the customer. No two weddings are the same, a professional photographer should try and address your photograph needs and cost consideration. Avoid a photographer at all costs who is rather unpleasant and does not want to fit in with your arrangements.

6. Can you actually afford to pay a photographer? Many people are overwhelmed with the fact they are getting married and forget that a wedding is a lavish and extremely expensive occasion. Try and find a photographer who has special promotions and packages on offer. As long as the request is reasonable, outline the budget to the photographer and see what packages they can offer you which corresponds with your budget.

7. Remember you hired a professional due to an important reason – you appreciate and trust their work. You allow them to manage all photographic elements on the big day. Ensure the photographer has contacted you prior to clarify any issues relating to the shoot such as location, important people to be photographed, new ideas and so forth. In summary, your photographer’s job is to capture every special element of your day, and ensure your special day is absolutely perfect and will be a day you will cherish for a very long time.


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