Friday, 7 September 2012


Weddings in India are planned meticulously and every detail is given the utmost significance for a harmonious everlasting union of the couple. Indian wedding photography can help you remember those crucial moments in your wedded life when you grow old.
Selecting an auspicious date for the wedding ceremony
The planning of a wedding takes place months or years before the actual wedding day. As India is still well known for its orthodox beliefs, the union of a couple into a holy matrimony is not a simple affair. Before two people think of tying a knot, their horoscopes are compared by the elders of both the family, through a Hindu priest. Compatibility of horoscope through harmonious blending of the planets is a must, for a successful and long lasting marriage. Sometimes if the horoscopes don’t match, the wedding is actually cancelled. This is more prominent in an arranged marriage. A photographer needs to be present to document the details when the priest approves an auspicious date for the wedding to be occurred.
The approved date and time can be within a month or as long as after a year. Once the day is fixed all the wedding arrangements begin. Wedding cards are finalised, a wedding photojournalist is finalized, etc. The photojournalist has the entire agenda of the wedding rituals and ceremonies. Accordingly he/she plans a photoshoot of that particular ceremony like a mehendi ritual or a haldi ritual.
Accounting for the money well spent through the eyes of Indian wedding photography
The “baraat” or the “palki” procession of the groom and the bride are old age traditions. People of today still make it a point to indulge in it. A lot of money is spent on an Indian wedding. Sometimes it is the lifelong hard earned savings of the bride’s parents. Therefore documenting the entire wedding scene through a camera becomes necessary. After all, later you can sit over it and admire that the money is well spent and the bride and the groom are happy and content.
It is every parent’s wish in India that they are able to give their daughters a lavish and a ‘talk of the town’ wedding. Therefore most of the weddings in India are grand, noisy, extravagant and colourful. Capturing every detail like the exotic venue, sparkling jewellery, rich clothing and hoards of guests on the camera is as exhilarating to the wedding photojournalist as it is to the couple and their family members.
A wedding is a once in a life time affair in India and to capture it through Indian wedding photography, is a big accomplishment, for sure!

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